New Site Offers to Pay Bloggers Per Post

Posted on July 1, 2006

A blogstorm has erupted about a new service called that does just what the name implies: promises to pay bloggers per post for promoting a product or service in a blog post. Some of the current opportunities range from fast loan offers to Spider-Man 3.

Matthew Ingram has a good post that summarizes the events so far. A BusinessWeek article called "Polluting the Blogosphere" first discussed now has "As Seen in BusinessWeek" as part of its logo. Here is a little of what BusinessWeek had to say.

Murphy is launching, which will automate such hookups between advertisers and bloggers and thus codify a new frontier of product placement. Advertisers pay to post details about their "opportunity," specifying, among other things, how they want bloggers to write about, say, a new shoe, if they want photos to be included, and whether they'll pay only for positive mentions. Bloggers who abide by the rules get paid; heavily trafficked blogs may command premium rates. Those seeking to subvert PayPerPost from within can't: No pornographic or "illicit" content is accepted.

Murphy's approach used to be more ad hoc. He made invitations through e-mail via the BlogStar Network, which he started in 2004. BlogStar paid nicely -- a flat fee of $5 or $10 per post. "Easy money...go buy a burger or something," advised a BlogStar invitation from 2005 soliciting posts about cable network TNT's basketball commercials featuring HBO character Ali G. That come-on also told bloggers "we definitely appreciate more positive posts."

TechCruch followed with a critical post called " offers to sell your soul." This led to much more criticism of Here are some comments from bloggers which have ranged from negative to indifferent to curious about

Mark Evans has a good point about there not being a disclosure requirement. Maybe bloggers who use the site will do this on their own. Most complaints about advertising crossing into editorial (whether in print or online) have been when the mention of a product or service is not disclosed as being paid for.

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