How to Best Optimize Your YouTube Tags

Posted on February 20, 2007

Jonathan Mendez has a post called 7 Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Tags. It offers suggestions like using multiple tags and using adjectives in YouTube tags. In addition to tags Mendez also talks about the importance of titles and subscriptions.

Tags are only part of optimizing YouTube. Keep in mind the influence that your title has in attracting CTR. You need to pull every lever to build an audience. The social nature of YT requires getting on users subscriptions and favorites. Again, it all gets down to quality. This is what inherently what makes YouTube great. You build attention by being incredibly interesting.

As more and more people start video blogging you are probably going to see some new blogs emerge that help vloggers learn how to effectively market their videos on YouTube and other video sharing websites. YouTube newbies are going to be searching for advice from experts like Jonathan Mendez.

Eventually there will be some blogs that become regular stops for video blogging professionals. These video blogging tips and video news blogs could become very popular and possibly even outshine some of the blogs that focus more on non-video blogging tips especially if YouTube really does go ahead and share ad revenues with YouTubers.

There is already a very loosely defined a-list on YouTube as well. Some of the Youtubers with the most subscriptions were at last weekend's As One gathering. A few musicians have also managed to accumulate a significant number of YouTube subscribers.

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