Obama to Announce VP Pick Saturday Morning

Posted on August 22, 2008

All the hysterical speculation about who Barack Obama will pick to be his vice presidential nominee is about to come to an end. CNN is reporting that the Obama campaign confirmed that it will announce the VP pick tomorrow morning via text message.

Sen. Barack Obama's choice for running mate will be announced to supporters in a text message Saturday morning, senior Obama campaign officials told CNN on Friday night, and a senior party official said it won't be Sen. Hillary Clinton. Obama called some people on his short list for the vice presidential slot Thursday night to tell them he had not selected them as a running mate, a highly placed Democratic Party source said.

A senior Democratic official who had spoken with Clinton told CNN late Friday that the Obama campaign has communicated to her through private channels that she will not be Obama's vice presidential pick. Also, sources close to Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine said he has been informed he was not selected. One source told CNN that Obama personally made the call to Kaine. Another source said Kaine has flown to Denver, Colorado, for the Democratic National Convention. See who's in the running

It is not known who else may have gotten calls. However, late Friday two Democratic sources confirmed that Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh is also out of the running. Most of this week's buzz had been around Bayh of Indiana, Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware and Kaine. The contenders kept a low profile and Biden has avoided any lengthy interviews. Rep. Chet Edwards said Friday that the campaign had vetted him but that he hasn't talked to Obama. VideoWatch panelists weigh in on top VP contenders � Edwards, 56, is a nine-term congressman representing the Central Texas district that includes President Bush's ranch near Crawford.

So, it's not Clinton, Bayh or Kaine. That leaves Biden, Sebelius or the Other Edwards. Joe Biden? It's looking good for him. CNN even has a live webcam outside his house tonight, which is just beyond creepy.

Update: Jake Tapper at ABC says the Secret Service is on its way to Biden's house to begin protection duties. He's the guy.

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