Obama Claims Nomination: Clinton Wins South Dakota, Doesn't Concede

Posted on June 3, 2008

Hillary Clinton won South Dakota by double digits: CNN has called Montana for Barack Obama. Hillary's speech was quite interesting. She started out with praise for Obama and went on to discuss her historic journey. She noted that she has won over 18 million votes, which is more than any candidate in American history has won in a primary. She said that everyone is asking "what Hillary wants" and went on to answer that question. She wants affordable healthcare for all Americans, a better economy and more jobs for Americans.

What she did not do is concede the race. She said she wants to take a few days to decide what to do next. She will confer with party leaders and do what is best for the party. She also sounded a defiant note: she demanded respect for the 18 million people who voted for her. The crowd was really with her, and she sounded upbeat and full of energy.

The pundits at MSNBC were absolutely dumbfounded that she didn't concede: it was hilarious to watch Olbermann's befuddlement. On CNN the Obamabots were also in shock: only James Carville got it. He was laughing saying that she's strong, smart and she's going to end this her way on her terms. The word is that she and Barack will meet privately in the next day or so to decide what to do.

In the meantime, she asked supporters to go to her website, HillaryClinton.com and leave a comment to show support and to sound off about what she should do next. We're thinking most will say she needs to be Obama's VP. It will be an interesting week. Here's her speech tonight: