Newspaper News Page: 2

This is page 2 of the newspaper news archives.

Three Little Pigs as a Breaking News Story (2012-03-14): Here is a clever ad for The Guardian, a British newspaper.

Los Angeles Times to Implement Paywall in March (2012-02-24): The Wrap is reporting that the Los Angeles Times will implement a paywall starting March 5.

Media General Exploring Sale of Newspapers (2012-02-23): Media General has announced it is exploring a sale of its newspaper operations.

Philadelphia Media Network to Cut 37 Newsroom Jobs (2012-02-18): The Philadelphia Media Network Inc.

Daily Mail Now Biggest Newspaper Website (2012-01-28): The MailOnline, located at dailymail.

Baltimore Sun to Launch Paywall in October (2011-09-24): The number of newspapers putting up paywalls continues to increase.

The Guardian Launches New U.S. Website (2011-09-15): The Guardian has launched a new U.

The Boston Globe Launches Subscription-Only Website at (2011-09-12): The Boston Globe announced that launch of a subscription-only website at BostonGlobe.

New York Press Folds, Lives on as Part of Our Town Downtown (2011-08-31): Manhattan Media has ceased publication of the New York Press, an alternative newspaper.

Dallas Morning News Ceases Publication of Quick (2011-08-19): The Dallas Morning News has ceased publication of Quick, a free entertainment tabloid.

Gannett Cuts 700 Jobs (2011-06-23): Gannett is cutting 700 newspaper division employees according to a memo from Gannett US Community Publishing division president Bob Dickey to newspaper employees.

MailOnline Passes Huffington Post in Traffic (2011-04-19): MediaWeek reports that new data from ComScore indicates the the MailOnline.

New York Times Implements Paywall (2011-04-04): The New York Times paywall is now in place.

Sam Zell Sees a PDF Newspaper Future (2010-07-14): Reuters reports that Sam Zell, Chairman and Chief Executive of Tribune Company, see PDF replacing the home delivery of newspapers. to Introduce Metered Plan (2010-01-22): The New York Times has announced plans to start charging for content on its website at nytimes.

Editor & Publisher Returns Under New Ownership (2010-01-17): Editor & Publisher, a leading media industry news source, has returned under new ownership after being closed by Nielsen in December.

Newsday Starts Charging $5 Weekly Fee (2009-10-22): Newsday has announced that people who are not Optimum Online customers or Newsday customers will have to start paying a $5 weekly fee to access Newsday.

New York Times Cutting 100 Newsroom Jobs (2009-10-19): The New York Times Media Decoder blog is reporting that the Times is cutting 100 newsroom jobs, about 8% of the total newsroom jobs.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer Goes Web Only (2009-03-21): The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has moved entirely to the Internet.

New York Times Sells Front Page Ads (2009-01-05): The recession is driving publishers to make significant changes.