MSN Spaces Plans Name Change

Posted on March 24, 2006

An article from the MediaPost says MSN Spaces will be changing its name to Windows Live Spaces later this year. Microsoft will also add new features to its blogging and social networking service.

An MSN spokesman said the company will gradually add Windows Live features, rather than relaunch the site. "MSN Spaces will focus on building Windows Live innovations into a ready=for-market product, rather than shipping as a beta in the Ideas site," the spokesman said. "MSN Spaces will seamlessly transition to Windows Live Spaces as we add new Live features to the service later this summer."

Microsoft first declared its intention to add new functionalities, along with new advertising opportunities, to its Web-based software offerings last November. At the time, Eric Hadley, MSN's senior director of advertising and marketing, told OnlineMediaDaily that the booming ad market created opportunities for ad-funded software.

There is a note on the MSN Space homepage now that reads: "In the summer of 2006, we will unveil a more powerful version of MSN Spaces which will be called Windows Live Spaces! Stay tuned!" MSN Spaces isn't the only MSN service getting reworked. For example, MSN Messenger will become Windows Live Messenger. A complete list of Windows Live services can be found here. Bloggers like, MSN Space of the Day, Torres Talking and Technology Today knew about this MSN Spaces name change several months ago.

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