More Hiring Managers Using Social Networks to Evaluate Possible Hires

Posted on September 25, 2008

MediaPost reports that a new survey from indicates that more hiring managers are looking at social networking profiles on social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn to evaluate possible hires. The study found 22% of hiring managers have used social networks in evaluations - a jump from 11% just two years ago.

A new survey found that 22% of all hiring managers have combed through social media profiles to help evaluate potential hires, up from just 11% two years ago. HR execs from media and creative agencies like MediaVest and AKQA weighed in on the practice, identifying LinkedIn as their site of choice for new hire research.

"We use LinkedIn a lot. It's like resume shopping," said Lionel Carreon, creative recruiter at AKQA. "Sometimes we'll ask candidates why they aren't on LinkedIn or Plaxo, because it's the easiest way to be found."

Carreon also said that the digital agency has hired employees they found through blog searches. "We look for some of the more serious blogs, particularly for positions like art directors and developers," he said. "Blogging about what they do and how they're being innovative makes candidates that much more attractive."

According to Tricia White, SVP and director of human resources at MediaVest, LinkedIn profiles can even substitute for resumes in some cases. "They both have a list of jobs and basic accountabilities," White said. "If I'm searching for a position like a media planner, for example, I can fill in the blanks with LinkedIn."

You know the number of recruiters using social networks is only going to climb. Using more business-like social networks like LinkedIn seems to make the most sense. It's possible social networks could eclipse resume databases at some point in the near future.

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