Media News Page: 5

This is page 5 of the media news archives.

Royal Baby Helps Mail Online Set Traffic Record (2013-07-25): The Daily Mail set a traffic record thanks to the birth of the royal baby.

Charles Barkley Talks Media and Racism (2013-07-19): Charles Barkley talks about media and racism and how the media loves stories dealing with racism.

Liz Cheney Announces Senate Bid (2013-07-18): Liz Cheney has announced plans to run for a U.S. Senate seat from Wyoming. She will challenge current Senator Mike Enzi.

Egyptian President Morsi Overthrown as Christian Coptic Pope, Army and Muslim Leaders Address Country Live on TV (2013-07-03): Shocking news today as the army just overthrew Egyptian President Morsi. The Christian Coptic Pope, top Muslim Cleric and Army Chief address country live on tv, all in agreement.

Former President George W. Bush Talks Edward Snowden (2013-07-01): Former President George W. Bush weighs in on Edward Snowden in an interview with CNN.

The Altantic Launches Weekly iPad Edition (2013-06-18): The Atlantic has launched a weekly iPad edition that will cost $1.99 per issue. Discounts are available with monthly and annual subscriptions.

CBS Corporation Acquires TV Guide Website and Mobile Apps (2013-06-02): CBS Corporation has announced the acquisitoin of the TV Guide website and mobile apps.

Governor Chris Christie Kills Spider, PETA Calls it a Thoughtless Act (2013-05-06): New Jersey Governor Chris Christie crushed a spider on a desk during a visit to a fourth grade class and now PETA is angry at him.

The Weather Channel to Launch New Web Series (2013-04-30): The Weather Channel is starting to launch web series. The first three will cover athletes, virus hunters and disaster survivors.

Conan O' Brien's Monologue at the White House Correspondents Dinner (2013-04-28): Here are of the best quips from Conan O'Brien's monologue at the 2013 White House Correspondents Dinner.

New York Times Already Has Google Glass App (2013-04-26): The New York Times is not waiting around. They have already launched an app for Google Glass so people can get breaking news alerts.

Letter Sent to Senator Roger Wicker Contained Ricin (2013-04-16): U.

April Fool's: Guardian Launches Guardian Goggles (2013-04-01): The Guardian took a clever April Fool's spin on Google Glass with the launch of the Guardian Goggles.

D.C. Restaurant Printing AP Headlines on Receipts (2013-03-22): The Old Ebbitt Grill, a restaurant in D.

John Kerry Says Syria Becoming Global Catastrophe (2013-03-19): Secretary of State John Kerry talked about the problems with Syria.

Reader's Digest Files for Bankruptcy Protection for Second Time in Four Years (2013-03-03): The parent company of Reader's Digest, RDA Holding Co.

SNL Skit: President Obama Explains the Effects of the Sequester Budget Cuts (2013-03-03): Saturday Night Live opened with a skit about the sequester and who the budget cuts will affect most.

SNL Skit: Marco Rubio Needs a Drink of Water (2013-02-17): SNL took aim at Marco Rubio's infamous water gulping incident with Taran Killam playing Rubio. Watch the hilarious skit!

John Kerry Chokes Up While Giving Farewell Speech to the Senate (2013-01-30): Senator John Kerry said farewell to the Senate today in an hour long speech.

George W. Bush Presidential Center to Open May 1, 2013 (2013-01-19): The George W.