LinkedIn Wants More of Its Members Blogging

Posted on January 8, 2015

LinkedIn wants more people to blog and create content on its career-oriented social network. The user-generated content could help the site boost traffic and pageviews. It could also help some LinkedIn users build a following or connect with their LinkedIn followers. LinkedIn unveiled blogging tools last November. You can access the publishing tool by clicking on the pencil in your status bar.

The company says it has reached the one million post mark and has expanded blogging capability to its members in all English-speaking countries. The service is currently only available for English users. LinkedIn says it is publishing over 40,000 posts from its members weekly.

Re/code notes that 1 million posts means only a small percent of eligible users are writing posts. This does mean most LinkedIn members are not blogging or creating any content at all but that is not all that unusual. It is almost always a very small percentage of users that take the time or want to create user generated content, be it blogging or commenting.

LinkedIn has a post here about sharing content on LinkedIn. The article contains some general blogging advice like using a photograph and choosing a killer headline. LinkedIn also says people won't stick around if you ramble on in your post.

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