Leftist Blogger Featured in Washington Post

Posted on April 15, 2006

The Washington Post has an article about Maryscott O'Connor, the blogger at My Left Wing. Maryscott's liberal blog is described in the article as "one long, sustained scream." It also sounds like her blogging is driven by her outrage at the Bush administration. On her blog, Maryscott describes how the Post reporter even camped out on her doorstep waiting for her to wake up and start blogging.

A week later, he was here in my living room. He sat on my couch and explained that he didn't yet know what he was going to write, didn't have in mind any angle. He did have a phrase weaving in and out of his mind: "The Angry Left." Apparently I am the Angry Left personified.

Nevertheless, he sat on the couch with a notebook and we conversed. He watched me work on the blog, he asked me a million questions, some quite provocative: for a while there, I got the feeling he thought my writing on My Left Wing and all my passionate, vitriolic rhetoric was so much pissing in the wind. What did I hope to accomplish? Why was I so... "mean?" That was the word he used, too, which didn't bode well for my eventual representation in the article, I mused.

Finkel asked what time I woke up. 5am, I replied. That threw him a tad, but he was game: we agreed that the next day he would wait outside my house until I turned on the porchlight, to signal he could come in and be with me for an "ordinary day." That plan kind of fell by the wayside, though -- there is nothing ordinary about having a Washington Post reporter watching your every move and taking note of your every random exclamation and mutter...

There was a time period of over two months from initial query to print time. There have been an enormous amount of newspaper articles about blogging. Maybe we are moving into the articles about individual bloggers phase. The article also mentioned a few other blogs including Eschaton, Rude Pundit, the Smirking Chimp and DailyKos but the focus was on My Left Wing.

Some bloggers see the article as an attempt to portray left bloggers as looney and some conservative bloggers see the article as an example of the "looney left." Recent political polls show widespread disapproval with the Bush administration. Outrage isn't isolated with leftist bloggers, but the article made no mention of concerns made by any centrist or conservative bloggers.