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Volume 5, Issue 7.

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A Conversation With Warren Adler
Don't miss our exclusive interview with New York Times bestselling novelist and playwright Warren Adler, author of The War of the Roses (Stonehouse Press), Random Hearts (Ballantine) and Mourning Glory (Kensington). Known for his insightful, powerful and witty novels (The War of the Roses is still used to describe a truly nasty divorce to this day), Warren Adler is most adept at dissecting the American psyche as it relates to love, relationships, materialism, greed and other universal themes. Warren talks with us about his move from successful businessman to bestselling novelist, the film adaptations of his books, and his latest novel, Mourning Glory, the poignant and darkly funny story of a thirty-something woman who turns her back on Gloria Steinam and sets out to land a millionaire husband. He also gives some great advice for aspiring writers.

A Conversation With Lee Child
This month we had the pleasure of speaking with internationally bestselling author Lee Child, author of Tripwire (Putnam), Running Blind (Putnam) and Echo Burning (Putnam). British by birth, Lee Child writes a critically-acclaimed gritty, hardboiled American series which stars Jack Reacher, an ex-MP with a strong sense of justice. A loner, Reacher travels across the U.S. helping those who can't help themselves. Before he embarked on his career as a novelist, he worked for Granada television which produced such acclaimed programming as Cracker, Jewel in the Crown and Brideshead Revisited. Lee spoke with us about his enigmatic hero, Jack Reacher, his love for the United States, and why television programming just isn't what it used to be.

Take a Teaspoon of Science, a Pinch of Fiction, Stir
Listen in on some of today's hottest fantasy/SF authors talk about the importance of science and technology when writing fantasy and science fiction novels. Lois McMaster Bujold, author of The Curse of Chalion (Eos), Tony Daniel, author of Metaplanetary: A Novel of Interplanetary Civil War (Eos) and Jack McDevitt, author of Deepsix (Eos), share their thoughts on creating entertaining and realistic speculative fiction.

What's New On The Bookshelves?
Visit our Book Review section to see what our reviewers have to say about the latest books. See our new reviews this month in these genres: children's, general fiction, mystery/thrillers, nonfiction, romance, fantasy/sf, computers/software and writing.

The Power of Principles, Part V: Theory of Scarcity vs. Theory of Abundance
In her article, "The Power of Principles Part V: Theory of Scarcity vs. Theory of Abundance" nationally syndicated radio talk show host, songwriter and CEO of CQK Music & Records Mary Dawson concludes her latest series on songwriting. This month, Mary discusses The Theory of Scarcity as it applies to the music industry, and the traps that every songwriter must learn to avoid in order to make it big.

Telling Lies for Fun and Profit: Setting Your Sights
When Mystery Writers of America Grandmaster Lawrence Block talks about writing, writers should listen. In this excerpt from his classic writing book, Telling Lies For Fun and Profit -- which has just been released as an audio book -- Lawrence Block addresses one of the most difficult things an aspiring writer faces; how do you decide what to write?

Are Newspaper Websites Losing the Readership Battle?
A new survey by Content Intelligence reveals that the population that uses newspapers most -- those aged 55 and older -- say the Internet is a more important medium to them than newspapers in a direct comparison by a conclusive margin of 52 to 37 percent. John McIntyre, managing editor of Content Intelligence, discusses the implications for the newspaper industry in his article, "With With So Much Content on the Internet, Why Do People Still Read Newspapers?"

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