Surviving Security

by Mandy Andress

Sams, July, 2001.
Trade Paperback, 524 pages.
ISBN: 0672321297

Surviving Security by Mandy Andress Networking and security issues can be very complicated and expensive for a small business. Security is very important, but small businesses have to manage to balance their needs with what they can afford. This book helps readers learn how to determine the risks involved with computer networking and the Internet, and understand the options available to them for securing valuable company information, data and websites. It also explains the costs and complications involved. Some of the security measures covered include encryption, authentication, firewalls, intrusion detection, remote access, host security and server security. The book goes well beyond a basic explanation of these security topics. It also provides chapters covering security maintenance, vulnerability tests, security audits and a chapter about what to do if and when security is breached. Throughout the book, readers are frequently referred to additional resources where they can find more information. The book also offers a companion website where additional information and updates can be found.

Author Mandy Andress is CEO and Founder of ArcSec Technologies, a security consulting firm. She is also Chief Security Officer for Evant, a San Francisco-based software company, and a writer and reviewer for InfoWorld. This is an excellent resource for small business owners and network managers. These days, security is more important than ever, and your company will need security plans, security policies, insurance, hardware and software. This book can help small businesses and system administrators learn what is needed and expected, and help them implement security plans and solutions based on their needs. Highly recommended.

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This review was published in the August, 2001 of The Internet Writing Journal.

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