Moving Target

by Elizabeth Lowell

William Morrow, June, 2001.
Hardcover, 453 pages.
ISBN: 0060198753
Subgenre: Romantic Suspense

Moving Target by Elizabeth Lowell Serena Charters is devastated by the murder of her beloved grandmother, Lisbeth, who was burned alive in her own home. Lisbeth had spent her entire life guarding a secret: the location of the Book of the Learned, an ancient and priceless manuscript. But only four of the vellum manuscript pages are left for Serena, along with a beautiful and magical scarf, and a cryptic note from her grandmother urging her to find the rest of the book and to trust no one. Serena needs an appraisal of the authenticity of the pages, and turns to medieval manuscript excerpt Erik North, after she is offered $1 million dollars for the book by the creepy scion of one of America's oldest auction houses. But the Celtic Book of the Learned is over 1000 years old, is encrusted with gold and gemstones, and is absolutely priceless. When Erik and Serena meet, they feel that they have known each other for centuries, and begin to have dreams about past lives. As they search for the rest of the book, their lives are put in great danger as someone else appears to be willing to do anything -- even commit murder -- to get his hands on the valuable manuscript.

Moving Target starts a new series which focuses around Rarities Unlimited, the firm for which Erik North works from time to time. Specializing in the purchase, sale and appraisal of beautiful and rare artworks, the firm has ties to the Donovans, the immensely popular clan from Ms. Lowell's bestselling series which includes Pearl Cove and Midnight in Ruby Bayou. Erik and Serena are a marvelous couple and their story is full of danger, intrigue and passion. The lore of the ancient manuscript is fascinating and well-researched, and the story brims with excitement and the barely concealed passion between Serena and Erik. This is a wonderful start to what is sure to be another fantastic series from Elizabeth Lowell.

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