Just Breathe

by Dee Davis

Ballantine, July, 2001.
Paperback, 384 pages.
ISBN: 0804119678
Subgenre: Romantic Suspense

Just Breathe by Dee Davis Aspiring travel writer Chloe Nichols has spent her last dime on a luxury European tour. She's using the tour as inspiration for a travel article that she is sure is her ticket to being a full-time writer. Her traveling companions are several very funny elderly ladies. When disembarking from a train in Vienna, Chloe (who is a bit of a klutz) stumbles onto a man just as he has been shot by a mysterious assassin. But before she can be questioned by some uncaring Viennese policemen, Chloe is literally whisked away from the scene by handsome, ex-CIA agent, Matthew Broussard. Matthew has traveled to Vienna to meet the man that Chloe tripped over and knows that Chloe will be the next target if the assassin sees her face. The next thing she knows, Chloe has become Matthew's fictional fiancÚ, much to the delight of her traveling companions. Can Chloe turn fiction into reality, while evading an assassin's bullet?

Vienna is the perfect backdrop for both romance and intrigue, and Dee Davis makes good use of the beautiful city in this funny and suspenseful romance in which no one is quite what he or she seems. The somewhat confused Chloe and the tough as nails ex-spy Matt (who also happens to be quite wealthy) are a perfect match, and their scenes together are most entertaining. Chloe's traveling companions, Charlotte, Irma and Willie are an absolute scream, who threaten to steal every scene in which they appear. Ms. Davis keeps the pacing fast, and the passion steamy in this immensely enjoyable read.

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This review was published in the August, 2001 of The Internet Writing Journal.

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