John Tucker Must MySpace

Posted on July 29, 2006

John Tucker Must DieJohn Tucker Must Die is a new film from 20th Century Fox about four girls who try to get revenge on womanizing high school stud John Tucker. The film has exceeded expectations at the box office. It almost beat Pirates of the Caribbean for the number two slot Friday night. One reason for the film's strong performance could be the film's marketing campaign which made used of the MySpace URL: The MySpace URL was promoted on television advertisements and movie previews.

The MySpace site includes information the film, downloads, photographs and buddy icons. It also includes a basketball schedule that shows John Tucker as the leading scorer in each game. The MySpace site has quickly acquired over 100,000 MySpace friends and the individual profiles for the vengeful girls (Heather, Carrie, Beth and Kate) in the film have also garnered thousands of MySpace friends. It is an interesting way to promote a movie that probably works best for films like this one that target the younger demographic that loves to use social networks. The film is a Fox product and MySpace is owned by Fox so it would have been a huge mistake for Fox not to have promoted this movie on MySpace.

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