Joan Rivers Avoids a Disciplinary Hearing, Settles With WGA-East

Posted on October 8, 2013

When we last heard Joan Rivers was in huge trouble with the WGA East. Her writers for Fashion Poice were on strike ad the WGA was sending her to trial for writing her own material during the strike. Deadline reports that Joan and the WGA East struck a deal. Under the terms of the deal Joan said she will not "render any writing services even though as a comedian and SAG-AFTRA host, I often write material for myself."

The trial was set for October 14th to discipline Joan for violating the strike. If she lost (and she definitely would have lost) she would have become the first member to be kicked out of the Guild. Joan had called the trial "a bunch of bullsh*t." It's a good think they settled. Joan is a comedienne. There is no way she would have gone to that hearing and played it straight. She probably would have worn manacles and invited E! to cover the proceedings.

The writers of the show have been on strike since the middle of April. They claim they are due more than $1 million in back wages and overtime. WGA East President Michael Winship had this to say about the settlement: "We recognize Ms. Rivers' support for the striking writers and her illustrious career. We are also pleased that, as part of the resolution of the Charges, Ms. Rivers has agreed not to write during the strike and to meet with E! to advocate for immediate contract negotiations in support of the Fashion Police writers."

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