iTunes Users Subscribe to 1 Million Podcasts in Two Days

Posted on July 7, 2005 Podcast Directory

Apple's addition of podcasts to iTunes 4.9 has been an immediate success. reports that iTunes users have subscribed to over 1 million podcasts in just two days. The use of podcasts by iTunes users has already raised bandwidth concerns. The InternetRetailer article indicated that KCRW's servers were already swamped by iTunes requests for podcasts.

"iTunes has done what possibly no one else could have accomplished, propelled podcasting into the mainstream," said Will Lewis, management consultant for Santa Monica, CA, radio station KCRW, which posts content in the Podcast directory. "Our servers have been swamped with a stratospheric increase in traffic. In fact, downloads have increased tenfold as a result of the iTunes 4.9 launch."

iTunes has launched a podcast directory for iTunes 4.9 that contains over 3,000 podcasts.