to Launch Weekly Magazine With The Standard

Posted on August 23, 2000

Powerful Media, Inc., parent company of, a website for entertainment and media professionals, will launch a weekly magazine covering the digital transformation of the entertainment and information industries. The new weekly will be produced by Inside's parent company, Powerful Media, in conjunction with Standard Media International, publisher of Internet business publication The Industry Standard. The magazine will begin publishing later this year, and will go to a weekly frequency in early 2001.

The new magazine will cover how new and emerging technologies affect the creation, financing, production, marketing, and distribution of entertainment and other media content. Key issues the magazine will cover at launch include: the businesses of digital music, film, and publishing; interactive gaming; emerging wireless and broadband content and applications; the development of interactive television and entertainment on demand; the widening reach of cable, phone, and satellite communications; and the relationships between digital content and intellectual property law.

``Virtually every business that is in the business of creating and distributing entertainment and information will be changed fundamentally during the next few years,'' said Powerful Media co-founder and Inside editor-in-chief Michael Hirschorn. ``The Web as we know it is just the beginning. With the growth of interactive television, and wireless and broadband technologies -- and the next wave of internet-enabled interactive gaming -- we are entering a period of unprecedented transformation.''

The magazine will be produced under the editorial direction of Inside, with The Standard acting in an advisory capacity. It will be printed and distributed by The Standard. Advertising and marketing will be under the purview of Inside, with ad pages sold by staff from both companies. The two companies are also exploring additional ways to share editorial and marketing expertise.

John Battelle, chairman, president and CEO of The Standard, said, ``In just a brief time, Inside's team of savvy journalists have become must-reads on the converging worlds of entertainment, publishing and the information industry. We are thrilled to partner with them on this new magazine that will define and explore the new economy for entertainment, media and publishing executives and creators.''

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