Harcourt to Publish Interactive Textbooks Using CRQ Technology

Posted on May 2, 2001

Harcourt College Publishers is offering new textbooks that use :CRQ (``See Our Cue'') technology, print-to-Web technology from Dallas-based Digital:Convergence Corporation. Harcourt's interactive college textbooks will be available to students for fall 2001.

"The :CRQ technology from Digital Convergence allows us to offer students and college faculty a unique and compelling marriage between the content in our printed products and related material anywhere on the World Wide Web,'' said Ted Buchholz, president of Harcourt College Publishers. ``College students benefit from strong, structured learning tools, and conventional textbooks have filled this need for many years. Our new, Web-enhanced textbooks will offer students another tool to improve their learning experiences.''

:CRQ technology takes students and teachers directly to key resources without requiring them to click and search their way through multiple webpages or key in long URLs.

Print cues, which look like product codes, can be inserted into most print material and are read through the :CRQ software with a :CueCat reader. The hand-held :CueCat device reads the cues, which instantly links a user's browser to a related webpage. Students and teachers can pick up a :CueCat device for free at RadioShack stores nationwide. :CueCat readers are also available online at CRQ.com with payment of $9.95 in shipping costs.

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