Ghost Blogging: Revenue Opportunity for Bloggers

Posted on January 6, 2006

An articleby Steven Warren for IT Management talks about ghost bloggers. Good writers may be able to make money ghost blogging for corporate blogs. Warren says some corporations are having ghost bloggers fill in when the interest in blogging by corporate employees fades but they still need to keep their blog content going.

But just like any new fad, interest wanes and less people blog until the blogging becomes almost nonexistent. Now marketing is left scratching their heads because they have a built an infrastructure and spent a good deal of money and now they are in desperate need of content. This is where I introduce to you the ghost blogger and the ghost blogger service -- passionate writing and informed content for hire.

The ghost blogger headhunter may get involved or a specific ghost blogger will get hired at this point. The writer's job will be to post eight to 12 blogs per week on the company's corporate Web site. These writers can get paid $1,000 to $5,000 a month, depending on the traffic they generate.

For example, if a blogger is paid a base of $2,400 per month, she could receive an additional amount of money based on the amount of traffic she brings to the site. If the average traffic is 100,000 page views, she could get a bonus if it goes up to 110,000, 120,000, 150,000 or 200,000 page views and so on. The more buzz produced, the more money earned.

The money sounds better than what many bloggers make from their own blogs or by blogging for some of the blog networks. It sounds like Steve Warren is already ghost blogging himself: "And remember, the next time you read a blog on a corporate site, you just might just be reading a blog from Steven S. Warren, your friendly ghost blogger."

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