Gene Simmons Tongue Magazine Launches

Posted on June 14, 2002

Ozzie Osbourne has his own television show on MTV (The Osbournes) and now Gene Simmons, a member of the rock band KISS, has his own magazine through publisher Sterling/Macfadden. The premiere issue of Gene Simmons Tongue Magazine debuted on newsstands earlier this month. The new publication promises music and entertainment news, as well as photographs.

The magazine aims to keep readers in tune with what's in and what's out and includes coverage of music, movies, style, entertainment, celebrity news, fashion and more -- all covered from the perspective of Gene Simmons, the rock legend whose lifestyle is both unique and unapologetic. The publishing schedule for the magazine will be quarterly at first, but will be accelerated after the first couple issues are published. The publication was launched at several celebrity-packed events in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Publisher Sterling/Macfadden also publishes other rock and music related publications including Metal Edge and Metal Maniacs as well as special single-issue music celebrity titles for Shania Twain, Garth Brooks and Ricky Martin. Allen Tuller from Sterling/Macfadden is both the publisher & co-founder of Gene Simmons Tongue Magazine.

On a recent post on Gene Simmons' weblog at Tuller said, "We've been working many long hours for about 8 months now but it's really been worth it. I think we've got a great magazine that captures the essence of the Sex, Style, Rock n' Roll we've been talking about, I hope you agree." Tuller also mentioned that the second issue should be out by late August or early September.

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