Ed Sheeran Discusses His Process for Writing His New Single, Sing

Posted on June 11, 2014

cover art for Ed Sheeran's song Sing

In this online only clip from The Tonight Show, singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran talks about how he wrote his new hit song "Sing" which he wrote with Pharrell. Ed says it started with Pharrell coming up with like ten ideas of a beat or base lines and drum loops, but Ed wasn't feeling any of them at first. So then Ed starting playing the base root on the guitar and Pharrell left while Ed wrote steadily. Then Pharrell came back and did all the arranging. Ed said he knew Pharrell would like the chorus because it features a "Justin Timberlakey" falsetto.

You can see how the song -- and the video, which features Ed as a muppet going out for a night on the town and an assist from Pharrell -- turned out here.

Photo: Atlantic Record

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