Donut Consumption Defies Diet Logic

Posted on March 15, 2005

10 billion donuts are consumed in the United States each year despite their non-appearance on the food pyramid and in major diet guidelines. Why? People like the taste and can't resist them. But there is more to donuts than just the tase. Sally Levitt Steinberg, author of the new donut reference, The Donut Book: The Whole Story in Words, Pictures & Outrageous Tales, recently told USA Today in an interview just why donuts are so appealing.

Sally says, "The answer is not in their taste; it's about their shape. The circle is so universal, and the doughnut is very appealing physically and metaphorically. Of course, there are doughnuts that are not shaped in circles, and fritters are really doughnuts, but we don't categorize them like doughnuts. The doughnut is in a class by itself; it transcends mere food appeal."

So there you have it. Doughnuts are yummy metaphysical circles. That book cover sure is making us very hungry.

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