Digg Users Duped by Fake PS3 Story

Posted on November 21, 2006

Digg users were duped by a fake PS3 Reuters story. The story quickly made it to the front page of Digg. The faux story says the Playstation is struggling to compete with the Xbox and that it might be the last year for the console.

You can read how the fake story was created in this thread of some body building forum. A user on the forum explains in a post called, "I got my fake story to the front page of digg."

Steve Rubel compares the fake PS3 story to the recent MyBlogLog aquisition rumor. Rubel says, "This isn't the first time this has happened and it's not limited to socially driven news sites like digg. The blogosphere widely reported last week that Yahoo had acquired mybloglog after Techcrunch broke the story. An formal announcement has yet to be made."

The MyBlogLog acquisition story was jumped on by too many blogs. We even covered it, but rumor and speculation are a lot different than an intentionally fake story getting on Digg. TechCrunch didn't create an intentionally false rumor about MyBlogLog being acquired by Yahoo. It looks Digg has removed the fake PS3 Reuters story as the page for the story now generates an error message.

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