Dan Brown Discusses Inferno and the Effects of Fame

Posted on May 13, 2014

Cover of Inferno by Dan Brown in paperback

Bestselling author Dan Brown, who became an international celebrity after the publication of his blockbuster The Da Vinci Code was a guest on CBS This Morning. Dan's latest book, Inferno, sold five million copies in hardcover in the U.S. and is now out in paperback. Charlie Rose opened with the question: "What's your secret?" Brown laughed and replied, "I've been told I have a formula, but I'm waiting for someone to tell me what it is, I'd love to write these books faster." Dan talks with Charlie and Gayle King about the book, the reaction to The Da Vinci Code and how life has changed for him after becoming famous. He also reveals that his big scene in the movie version of The Da Vinci Code was cut (it was was Charlie Rose). Director Ron Howard called to apologize and to tell him that it ended up on the cutting room floor. Take a look:

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