Company Creates Technology to Digitally Sign Ebooks

Posted on April 14, 2011

Author T. J. Waters formed Autography, a company that that provides a technology for authors with a way to digitally sign an ebook. The author can sign a page with a stylus on a tablet, such as an iPad, and then send the signed page to the reader. The page will then automatically be added to the reader's ebook.

T. J. Waters explains the technology below in a video from Bay News 9. The New York Times also a report about Autography. The Times story says an author photograph - such as a photo taken with the reader at a book signing - can also be used with the technology. Photographs may very well become the main method used by readers to remember a book signing in our paperless future. They are more personal than an autograph and provide proof a reader was at the event with the author.

Take a look:

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