Jon Stewart Makes Fun of CNN's Weeble Graphics Used to Explain the Iowa Caucuses

Posted on January 5, 2012

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show mocked CNN's ridiculous graphics and CGI (computer generated images) used to illustrate what was happening at the Iowa caucuses. The little CGI blobs were meant to represent Iowa voters, which was ridiculous when they had cameras inside the meeting places anyway.

Anderson Cooper was there with Wolf Blitzer when they introduced the new caucus graphics. Anderson said the CGI people looked like Weebles, the children's toy. In all fairness, the Weebles do help illustrate how a caucus works -- especially for international viewers who must find the process mystifying. At the end of the segment Anderson tells Wolf, "If you miss any of this you can see it later on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart when he ruthlessly mocks you."

Guess what? He was right. Stewart made great fun of the weebles as Mediate notes.

Here's CNN's segment with the CGI weeble people used to show how a caucus works.

Image: CNN

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