Censorship News Page: 2

This is page 2 of the censorship news archives.

Sergey Brin Admits Google Compromised Its Principles On China Deal (2006-06-07): Google co-founder Sergey Brin admitted that Google compromised its principles when it cut a deal with China in which it agreed to censor sites that the Chinese government doesn't approve of.

Jon Stewart's America Banned in Mississippi (2005-01-11): The librarians in Mississippi are no fans of Jon Stewart, apparently.

Wal-Mart Bans George Carlin's New Book (2004-10-29): Wal-Mart appears to be in a battle with comedians.

Wal-Mart Refuses Bestselling Daily Show Book (2004-10-22): America: The Book, the incredibly popular book by John stewart and the cast of The Daily Show, has been banned from Wal-Mart's shelves.

Craig Unger's Book Banned at Amazon-UK (2004-07-30): According to the Guardian, Craig Unger's bestselling book, House of Bush, House of Saud:The Secret Relationship Between the World's Two Most Powerful Dynasties is not being carried by Amazon UK, although it is being carried by traditional bookstores.