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Welcome to the censorship section on WritersWrite.com. Here you will find the latest news about censorship by governments and the banning of books and poetry. You can also find famous quotes about censorship on our censorship quotes page.

Vietnam Jails Human Rights Blogger Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh (October 11, 2016): The Vietnam government has arrested and jailed activist blogger Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh for her story about the worst environmental disaster in the country's history.

Egypt Jails Female Poet Fatima Naoot for Insulting Islam (January 27, 2016): Poet Fatima Naoot has been sentenced to jail for 3 years by an Egyptian court for insulting Islam.

Neil Gaiman, Alison Bechdel, Art Spiegelman Step in as Table Hosts for PEN Gala (May 4, 2015): Neil Gaiman, Alison Bechdel, Art Spiegelman, George Packer, Azar Nafisi and Alain Mabanckouand will step in as table hosts at the PEN Gala which will honor Charlie Hebdo.

Swedish Cartoonist Targeted in Copenhagen Terrorist Attack (February 14, 2015): A gunman opened fire at a free speech event in Copenhagen, Denmark. Cartoonist Lars Vilks was the likely target of the attack which left one dead and three wounded.

Writers Guild of America Supports Obama's Net Neutrality Proposal (November 11, 2014): Writers Guild of America West came out in support of President Obama's defense of Net Neutrality which will stop cable companies from creating fast and slow lanes on the Web.

Captain Underpants Author Speaks Out Against Banned Books (September 24, 2014): Captain Underpants author Dave Pilkey tops the list of Banned Books for the second year in a row. He made a video about how to change the conversation.

Cory Doctorow's YA Book Little Brother Banned in Florida School (June 12, 2014): Cory Doctorow fights back after a principal cancels entire summer reading program so no one could read Little Brother.

Russian President Vladimir Putin Bans Swearing in Books (May 7, 2014): Russian president Vladimir Putin has banned swearing in books.

PEN International Demands that Turkey Reinstate Twitter Access as a Civil Right (March 23, 2014): PEN International slammed Turkey's banning of twitter. PEN says freedom of speech is a civil right and demands that access be reinstated.

E.L. Doctorow's Accepts the 2013 Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters (November 26, 2013): E.L. Doctorow gave an interesting speech about the Internet and free speech as he accepted the 2013 Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters

American Library Association, ABFFE, and Tor Join Coalition to Stop NSA Surveillance Program (June 13, 2013): A group of freedom of speech activists, journalists, publishers, internet companies and civil rights groups are demanding that Congress outlaw the NSA surveillance program

ALA Announces Top Ten Most Challenged Books for 2012 (April 16, 2013):

Salman Rushdie Cancels Appearance at Jaipur Literary Festival Due to Assassination Threat (January 21, 2012):

Major Websites Black Out to Protest SOPA and PIPA Internet Censorship Bills (January 18, 2012):

PEN American Center Denounces Secret Trials, Imprisonment of Two Chinese Dissident Writers (December 28, 2011):

ALA's Top Ten List of the Most Frequently Challenged Books of 2010 (May 10, 2011):

Chinese Censors to Screenwriters: No More Time Travel Plots (April 12, 2011):

Norway Offers Reward for Information in Assassination Attempt Against Publisher (November 27, 2010):

South Park Creators Issue Statement About Comedy Central Censorship (April 22, 2010):

Salman Rushdie Planning to Write About Years in Hiding Because of Fatwa (March 2, 2010):