Bush Nearly Wipes Out Press Corps In Caterpillar Mishap

Posted on February 1, 2007

Photo of a Caterpillar D10President Bush got a little carried away this week when presented with a Catapillar D-10. While touring Caterpillar factory in Peoria, Illinois, the president caught sight of a Caterpillar D-10 and climbed aboard. He yelled down to the assembled White House staffers and press corps: "I would suggest moving back -- I'm about to crank this sucker up!" He cranked it up and then proceeded to nearly wipe out the press corps that annoys him so much. Newsweek reports:
Does President Bush have it in for the press corps? Touring a Caterpillar factory in Peoria, Ill., the Commander in Chief got behind the wheel of a giant tractor and played chicken with a few wayward reporters. Wearing a pair of stylish safety glasses--at least more stylish than most safety glasses--Bush got a mini-tour of the factory before delivering remarks on the economy. "I would suggest moving back," Bush said as he climbed into the cab of a massive D-10 tractor. "I'm about to crank this sucker up." As the engine roared to life, White House staffers tried to steer the press corps to safety, but when the tractor lurched forward, they too were forced to scramble for safety."Get out of the way!" a news photographer yelled. "I think he might run us over!" said another. White House aides tried to herd the reporters the right way without getting run over themselves. Even the Secret Service got involved, as one agent began yelling at reporters to get clear of the tractor.

Watching the chaos below, Bush looked out the tractor's window and laughed, steering the massive machine into the spot where most of the press corps had been positioned. The episode lasted about a minute, and Bush was still laughing when he pulled to a stop. He gave reporters a thumbs-up. "If you've never driven a D-10, it's the coolest experience," Bush said afterward. Yeah, almost as much fun as seeing your life flash before your eyes.

Apparently, our president thought the whole thing was hilarious; the press corps and staffers, eh, not so much. Other reports say that Karl Rove was concerned and had a discussion with Caterpillar officials about whether the president would drive one of the big bulldozers. Rove warned the officials that Bush hasn't driven in awhile (he's usually driven around by Secret Service) and inquired as to the state of Caterpillar's insurance.

What better way to top Dick Cheney's shooting a guy in the face than to seriously maim and injure a couple dozen reporters?

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