Book Publishing News: 2

This is page 2 of the book publishing news archives.

Australian Authors Speak Out Against Government Plan to Change Copyright Laws (2016-06-10): Australian authors, agents, booksellers and publishers have united to fight a proposed change to copyright and import laws that will devastate the industry.

Dead Writers Perfume Smells Like Old Books (2016-05-14): Sweet Tea Apothecary has created a fragrance called Dead Writers Perfume. It smells like old books.

Leonard Riggio to Retire as Barnes & Noble Chairman (2016-05-14): Barnes & Noble founder Leonard Riggio is retiring from his position as Chairman of Barnes & Noble. He will remain on the Board.

Newly Discovered H.P. Lovecraft Manuscript About Superstition to be Sold At Auction (2016-03-18): A newly discovered manuscript about the causes of superstition will be auctioned off in Chicago. H.P. Lovecraft ghost wrote the manuscript for Harry Houdini.

U.S. Ranks Seventh in Literacy Says New Study (2016-03-14): A new study ranks 60 countries for literacy and the U.S. came in 7th. The most literate countries are Finland, Norway, Iceland and Denmark.

Apple Smacked Down by Supreme Court: Ebook Price Fixing Case is Over (2016-03-07): Apple has lost the ebook price fixing case. The Supreme Court refused to hear the case, so now Apple must pay out $400 million to ebook consumers.

Tommy Mottola Slapped With Lawsuit by Hachette (2016-02-26): Mariah Carey's ex-husband Tommy Mottola is being sued by Hachette for taking advance money and failing to turn in his book manuscript.

Barnes & Noble Opening Digital Experience Bookstore (2016-02-24): Barnes & Noble announced it is opening a new kind of bookstore with a full digital experience. The store will open sometime in 2016.

Chinese Authorities Admit They Imprisoned Missing Hong Kong Booksellers (2016-02-06): The missing Hong Kong booksellers have been found. Mainland China has imprisoned them for selling books critical of the Chinese officials.

Seventeen Magazine and Harlequin Teen Launching New Book Imprint (2016-02-05): Melissa de la Cruz's new novel Something in Between will be the debut release of the new book imprint Seventeen Books

Amazon to Launch Hundreds of Physical Bookstores (2016-02-02): Amazon is plan to launch hundreds of real bricks-and-mortar bookstores. There could be as many as 400 of them.

Flatiron Books Expands Into Young Adult Titles (2016-01-29): Macmillan imprint Flatiron Books will begin publishing young adult titles from debut authors and from established authors.

Douglas Preston Hosts Panel to Discuss How Evil Is (2016-01-21): Douglas Preston and Authors United are holding a panel discussion to talk about and how it is ruining authors' lives.

Book Sales by Dead Authors are Booming (2015-12-05): Publishers are seeing great returns on sales of books by dead authors. In the world of posthumous publishing business is booming.

Shakespeare and Co. Bookstore Sheltered Customers From Paris Terror Attacks (2015-11-16): Canadian author Harriet Alida Lye describes customers being sheltered during Paris terrorist attacks by the famous Shakespeare and Co. bookstore.

James Corden's New Book Club Discusses How to be a Bad Bitch by Amber Rose (2015-11-13): James Corden and Reggie Watts launch their new book club. Johnny Galecki and Christoph Waltz discuss Amber Rose's book, How to Be a Bad Bitch.

Gwyneth Paltrow Launching Book Imprint With Hachette Called Goop Press (2015-11-11): Gwyneth Paltrow is going into the book publishing business. She is partnering with Grand Central Publishing to create a new imprint called Goop Press.

Barnes & Noble to Offer 500,000 Signed Books on Black Friday (2015-11-09): Barnes & Noble will offer half a million signed books by over 120 authors on Black Friday.

Booksellers Sue to Overturn Louisiana's New Age Verification Law (2015-11-05): Booksellers are suing to overturn Louisiana's new age verification law which required them to verify everyone's age before they can buy books or comic books.

Amazon Opens Real Bricks-and-Mortar Bookstore in Seattle (2015-11-03): Amazon has opened its first real physical bookstore in Seattle. It is located in Seattle's University Village.