Launches Blog Profiles Beta

Posted on July 21, 2005

Blogpulse Profiles has announced the launch of some very interesting new features including a tool called BlogPulse Profiles that allows people to obtain data about individual blogs including popularity, posting frequency and incoming links.

The blogs are ranked by the number of citations over the last 30 days. This is very different than the Technorati rankings which ranks blogs by the total number of blogs that link to them. Blogs will need to have continuous incoming links from blogs to stay in the top 10,000 on It is interesting to note that Boing Boing is ranked #3 on with currently ranked in the #1 spot. On Technorati, Boing Boing holds the #1 position firmly with a very large lead -- it has nearly 5,000 more incoming links than, the #2 blog.'s popularity measurements will clearly push out blogs that don't continue to get citations on a regular basis and boost the rankings of blogs that get frequent citations.

Here are some of the other features provided by the new tool.

  • Overview: The Overview page lists the blog's name and website address as well additional information for the top-ranked blogs. Only the top 10,000 blogs have an overview feature showing ranking, posting frequency and a rank trend graph. If you look at the Bloggers Blog's overview you can see the rank by citation count, post frequency and a graph showing the change in ranking over time.

  • Posts: The Posts section shows the blog's ten most recent posts as well as some of the keywords used in these recent posts.

  • Citations: The Citations tab lists recent citations (links to the blog) from top-ranked blogs at the top of the page and then recent citations from all blogs at the bottom of the page.

  • Trends: The Trends tab provides graphs showing the posting volume over time and the number of citations over time.

  • Sources: This Sources section lists recent sources cited by the blog including news articles, blog entries and other sources.

  • Neighborhood: The Neighborhood feature shows a list of ten other blogs that cite similar links and text. also offers two blogs covering blogging: the BlogPulse Newswire, which covers blogosphere trends, and the BlogPulse Spotlight, which covers celebrity and entertainment blogging trends.

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