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Copypasta is repeated text that is copied and pasted in forums, comment sections, chats and on social media. It can also be seen in email chains. Copypasta may also contain emojis on social media and chats where emojis are used.

The word copypasta is derived from copy and paste or cut and paste where users copy a block of text with the mouse or ctrl-c command and then paste it into the comments field or a blog or forum.

The repeated text is a form of spamming because it is both unoriginal and usually unrelated to the conversation. The Techopedia entry for copypasta notes that it is organically spread by humans and not spread by computers.

These blocks of copied texts are usually ignored by users and ultimately deleted by the moderators. Like spam, copypasta can become a major nuisance if forum members start interacting with it. Trolls frequently use copypasta to try and engage uses in a forum or chat. If you run a blog with comments or an online discussion forum you will encounter copypasta eventually.

The term creepypasta is related to copypasta. Creepypasta is repeated text created to scare or frighten users.

Know Your Meme reports that the term "copypasta" dates back to usage on 4chan in 2006.

The Urban Dictionary has several examples on its listing for copypasta. The entry notes that users of copypasta may also try and pass of the copied text as "new and original."