Blog Aims to Name Music Leakers

Posted on June 28, 2007

A new blog called Thou Shall Not Leak aims to leak the names of those in the music business who "leak music to people ahead of release dates illegally."

Instead of doing what everyone else has done and create a blog to leak music to people ahead of release dates illegally, I thought (largely since I work in the industry and people's lack of care or respect for the hard work artists and the people who put out records appals me) I'd create a little blog to post the names, indelible and set out for all to see, of those people who've been given the care of having an early copy of a release and have set that responsibility aside and leaked the record they were entrusted with.

I feel perhaps a bit vindictive doing this, but on the other hand, the lack of care brought to the table by the other parties whose names will be listed here is more than grossly inappropriate.

SignOnSanDiego's Street blog says the Thou Shall Not Leak guy has a point.
The guy has a point. It's not terrifically original, and it falls on the side of the greedy music industrialists and copyright law Nazis, and it assumes that mp3 bloggers are some sort of masked supervillains, but it is a point. And it's something to think about, especially if you're us, and you have the access (promos!) and the tools (Interneting!) to share these things: Why do you want to deliberately hurt the artist you love?

Maybe you're tired (read: jealous) of seeing flashy cars and expensive chains on videos, or you're familiar with the way major record labels throw around cash (read: make it rain). It's more likely you wanna hear more music, and you don't always have the dough.

It would be interesting to know how much of the new never-before-seen content that shows up on the file sharing websites has been leaked by insiders working for the entertainment companies themselves. Thou Shall Not Leaked was also mentioned on Gawker's Idolator music blog.

So far no names have been leaked. Thou Shall Not Leak writes that this is because he "an't post any names if no one gives any to me. I don't have some list floating around of all these people. "

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