American Public Media Companies Reach $1 Trillion in Value

Posted on October 13, 1997

American entertainment and communications media companies have attained a public valuation of nearly $1 trillion, and will grow at least twice as fast as the overall economy in the next decade, according to Kagan's MediaCast 2006, a comprehensive study of advertising expenditures and consumer spending, released October 10.

The study, conducted and published by Carmel, CA-based Paul Kagan Associates, Inc., statistically tracks (five years back and 10 years forward) and analyzes 33 separate subgroups within 16 broad media industries:

Entertainment & Communications Media Revenues
(all figures are as of calendar year-end and in $mill.)

Media Revenues by Category

1996 2006 10-Yr.
Newspapers 52,713 90,492 5.6%
Television (A) 42,279 84,440 7.2%
Entertainment (B) 35,379 50,177 3.6%
Cable Subscription Services (C) 29,692 73,239 9.4%
Book Publishing 26,170 44,506 5.5%
Wireless Communications (D) 25,290 86,692 13.5%
Magazines 23,430 46,072 7.0%
Radio 12,412 23,566 6.6%
Home Shopping (E) 3,072 15,652 17.7%
Internet/Interactive 2,322 21,941 25.2%
Total Media Revenues 252,758 539,777 7.9%
Total Consumer Spending 142,897 319,360 8.4%
Total Media Advertising 109,861 220,417 7.2%
Total Media Revenue per TVHH 2,608 5,017 6.8%

A Includes broadcast and cable advertising.
B Includes cable, DBS, wireless MMDS.
C Includes movies, theater concessions, home video, video/computer games, recorded music.
D Includes cellular, PCS and ESMR.
E Includes home shopping delivered by cable/DBS/LPTV and Web retailing.
TVHH = television household.
% CAGR = compound annual growth rate.

Founded in 1969, Paul Kagan Associates Inc. is part of the Kagan Group of Companies, which embraces proprietary media research databases, newsletters, reference reports, conferences, consulting and valuation services. Kagan's MediaCast 2006 report may be ordered from PKA for $995.

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