Amazon Launches Kindle Publishing for Blogs Beta

Posted on May 29, 2009

Blog on KindleWired's Gadget Lab reports that has added a form where bloggers can sign up for's Kindle Publishing for Blogs beta program. The blog just needs an active RSS feed and Amazon can convert into Kindle content.
Any blogger can sign up for the company's 'Kindle Publishing for Blogs' beta program and set up an account to participate. Bloggers just have to made their feed available to Amazon´┐Żs website and the company will translate it into a Kindle friendly format.

Amazon hasn't made clear how much bloggers can charge for their blogs but it will split revenue from the subscriptions with the individual publishers. Currently most blogs on the Kindle charge $2 for subscription. Amazon has said individual publishers will get 30 percent of the revenue, with 70 percent going to the company.

It's probably not going to make a lot of money for bloggers and Amazon taking 70% seems a little steep. However, there are Kindle readers that do a lot of traveling that might pay to subscribe to their favorite blogs so they can read them on the plane or train.

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