Offers Full Text Book Searches

Posted on October 31, 2003 has launched Search Inside the Book, a new feature which allows customers to find books by searching the full text inside them. In collaboration with publishers, is enabling customers to find books at based on every word inside more than 120,000 books -- over 33 million pages of searchable text. Customers can also preview the inside text of these books. Search Inside the Book has been integrated into's standard search tool.

The new service has alarmed some authors and the Author's Guild -- who claim that publishers may not own the rights to allow to search the complete text of books without the permission of the author. The Author's Guild is also concerned the service could reduce book sales. The Author's Guild was especially concerned about the databases impact on reference book sales. Customers have also complained that the new service has cluttered's book search tool because it includes the results of the new text search along with the results of author and book title searches. Those in favor of the new search tool, say it could increase book sales and allow readers to more easily find books.

"Innovation drives customer experience, and Search Inside the Book is a great example," said Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO, "With the help of publishers, we're offering a completely new way for people to find the books they want."

Search Inside the Book includes titles from more than 190 publishers, including: Wiley, Time Warner Book Group, Simon & Schuster, Inc., Random House, Inc., Publishers Group West, Incorporated, McGraw-Hill Professional, Holtzbrinck Publishers and HarperCollins Publishers.

Examples of How Search Inside the Book works:

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