YouTube Acquires Omnisio

Posted on July 30, 2008

Google's YouTube has blogged that they have acquired a video editing/mashup tool called Omnisio.

As you probably guessed, we're big fans of anything that lets people interact with online video and gives the YouTube community the chance to express themselves in creative ways. New features such as Video Annotations, which allow you to insert comments and information into the video itself, are just one example of how we're beginning to expand what you can do with your videos on the site.

It's in this spirit that we're thrilled to announce Google's purchase of Omnisio, a small California-based startup that's focused on making online video more useful and collaborative. The Omnisio team has tremendous technical expertise when it comes to advanced video tools and having this kind of talent at YouTube should help us further explore ways to enhance your YouTube experience.

A post on NewTeeVee describes Omnisio as a tool that lets people pull shorter clips out of videos and string them together. People could also use the tool to add comments to videos like they can with the Video Annotations feature YouTube added in June. Ominiso's website also mentiosn a feature in the works that will let you "tag people and interesting highlights in videos." That sounds similar to the tags people sometimes add to Flickr photographs.

Editing tools are an obvious move for YouTube. The more features they offer for users the better the user-made videos will be. This could help increase the quality of YouTube's content but it will probaly also help to make owners of video content more nervous.

Omnisio has a blog post here about being acquired by YouTube.

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