Yahoo Launches Yahoo Tech and Yahoo Food

Posted on January 7, 2014

Yahoo Food

Yahoo has launched new vertical sites, Yahoo Tech and Yahoo Food. The Yahoo Food homepage is pictured above. The new website were launched at CES 2014. TechCrunch reports that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said a keynote that "Digital magazines are a core part of our long-term vision." This mean you can expect more such sites from Yahoo that focus on a particular subject.

Yahoo Tech is led by former New York Times tech columnist David Pogue. Rafe Needleman is the editorial director of Yahoo Tech. Some of the sections include Columns, Reviews, How To and Kickstarter Reviews. Pogue has a couple sections to himself, include Pogue Videos and Ask Pogue.

Yahoo Food is led by Managing Editor Sarah McColl. USA Today reports that the site has recently hired from Bon Appetit and Huffington Post Food. Some of the tabs on Yahoo Food include The Healthy Stuff, Restaurants, Chefs, Kitchen Hacks and Comfort Food. The site continues to load new content as you scroll down the page.

Photo: Yahoo

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