Yahoo Adds Blogs to News Search

Posted on October 10, 2005

Yahoo now offers a combined blog and news search on Yahoo News. The search results puts news results on the left side of the page and blog results in a boxed column on the right. This will further blur the line between blogging and journalism but it is definitely great news for bloggers.

Yahoo's Search Blog has more about the integration of blogs into their news database.

Today we've begun the integration of blogs in Yahoo! News Search. Now when you search on Yahoo! News you will see blog results as well as content from thousands of trusted news sites. The experiences and opinions published on blogs make a great addition to the mainstream news people read everyday. And major world events are further fueling the growth of blogs as platforms for anyone who wants to have a public voice. At times, even everyday bloggers beat the mainstream media to a story.
Dave Winer says, "Okay now we're talking. Yahoo doesn't put blogs in the kiddies section, instead we're indexed along with the grownups." Steve Rubel calls this a watershed moment for citizen journalism:
This is a watershed moment for citizen journalism. We're not the opening act anymore. We're now live on stage with the big boys. My only nit is that I wish it included more blogs. Blog results feel light to me compared to other blog-specific tools.
The Associated Press also has a news story out about blogs being added to Yahoo News.

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