XuQa Adds Games and Peanuts

Posted on August 15, 2006

GigaOM reports that the XuQa, a college social network with a party atmosphere, has turned into a giant game or contest with the new XuQa 2.0 version. XuQa has even added a new currency called "peanuts." XuQa members now compete for popularity with prizes including money and homepage exposure.

XuQa, one of the me-too social networks started post-MySpace acquisition, relaunched today, turning its admittedly raunchy site into one big game. Well, a big contest actually!

XuQa members-there are currently about 800,000-play for "peanuts" by adding friends, uploading pictures, winning in one of the sites' poker rooms, watching ads, et cetera...then spend the peanuts on in-game items.

They're not your typical perks-you can buy the ability to see who's viewed your profile, or pay to spike the drink of a poker rival to inhibit his card-playing skills. Active users move through ten levels, for the ultimate prize of exposure on the XuQa home page and $1000 cash. Four testers are already at level 9.

Wikipedia has a very detailed listing about XuQa that explains several features that are found only on XuQa like e-marriages, XuQalebrities, kiss/tickle wars and party pics. XuQa also makes it easy for MySpace members to join. Wikipedia writes that, "Just copy paste your myspace profile layout codes and will work. All myspace codes are compatible with XuQa."

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