Writing a Book is the 4th Most Popular Goal on 43Things

Posted on June 8, 2005

If you want to write a book you're not alone. The fourth most popular goal on 43 Things is to "write a book." 43 Things is a community website that allows people to enter things they want to do and things they have done. The site has 25,000 registered accounts and out of these 1,690 people listed writing a book as one of their goals.

Writing a book even ranked above goals like "fall in love" and "drink more water."

We know writing a book is a popular goal of many of the visitors to Writers Write. We think you can likely succeed in writing a book, falling in love and drinking more water but we are only here to offer advice on the first goal.

Note: 3-12-19: 43 Things is no longer live. It shut down in 2015 according to the listing on Wikipedia. Thankfully, we don't need it to know that lots of people want to write a book.

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