AMA Puts Full Articles From JAMA and Archives Journals Online

Posted on September 29, 1999

All editorial material from The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and the American Medical Association's (AMA) Archives Journals will be available online through the AMA Publications website. Original research, review articles, editorials, letters and book reviews, as well as other editorial material from JAMA and the Archives Journals, will be available online in a full-text, completely searchable format free of charge to all users for a limited time. E-mail alerts of the journals' tables of contents will also be available free of charge.

Initially, the site will include all of the journals' 1999 editorial material to date and all new editorial material will be posted simultaneously at the time each new issue of the journals is published. The information will be formatted to allow users to view all information from the journals and search one, several or all of the journals using text words, author names, or related articles. These search capabilities will provide access to peer-reviewed, original research and important medical information published by JAMA and the Archives Journals. References listed at the end of articles will be linked to full-text versions of the referenced articles available on the site.

Margaret Winker, MD, Deputy Editor of JAMA and Director of the Division of Scientific Online Resources, says in the release, "Providing JAMA and the Archives Journals online and full text in a fully searchable format will provide physicians and other health care professionals with rapid access to the information they need to help them care for patients. The explosion of medical information and the great interest patients have in learning about medical issues make such access vitally important to the practice of medicine today."