Wisteria Lane Gets Its Own Game

Posted on December 14, 2006

Writer Scott Sanford Tobis talks about about the opportunities for writers in the gaming world. Tobis and his wife love gaming, but noticed that there aren't many female-friendly game titles. He was pleased to be asked to write the new PC game produced by Buena Vista Games which takes the world of ABC's Desperate Housewives to the gaming world.

In the game, players assume the role of a new female neighbor that moves into the neighborhood. She interacts with the characters from the series to solve a new mystery.

"When you are writing a video game, you are both trying to lead the player in the direction of the solution to the mystery," says Tobis, who also has worked on the "Housewives" TV series. "Over the course of the game, you're also trying to lead them astray to have fun, allowing them to mingle with the characters from the show."

Like many TV scribes, Tobis says that he tends to overwrite his scripts. He was pleasantly surprised to learn that video games are one medium where length is not a problem.

"Video game writing takes a very different path than traditional entertainment because you want to lead the audience to a solution, but you deviate by offering a lot of different paths," Tobis says. "It's a bit like creating a family tree, or more accurately, a spread sheet."

Games are getting more sophisticated as more screenwriters take to the medium. And that's a good thing, that will certainly attract more people to gaming. Not to mention that it also provides more employment opportunities for writers.

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