Washingtonpost.com Closes Newsbytes; Launches TechNews.com

Posted on May 31, 2002

washingtonpost.com is closing its Newsbytes.com and Washtech.com websites and will be launching a new technology news site entitled TechNews.com. Newsbytes was the most well-known of the two news sites and has been published since 1983. The Washington Post Co. purchased Newsbytes in 1997. Newsbytes.com contains a large archive of technology news which could be lost if the site is closed -- if the content is not transfered to TechNews.com or another of the Post's websites. Several Newsbytes.com employees were let go as a result of the closing.

"TechNews.com will focus on the news that matters most to technology, business and government decision-makers," said washingtonpost.com CEO and publisher Christopher M. Schroeder. "Because we report on technology from the nation's capital and around the country, TechNews.com will offer a truly unique perspective. The site will combine an unmatched ability to report on the critical intersection of technology and government, a history of covering the major national technology stories of the day, and deep knowledge of D.C.'s tech industry."

The Post said TechNews.com will contain nearly all of the content that has been offered by Washtech.com and will add reporting from several Newsbytes reporters. In addition to covering the major technology stories of the day, TechNews.com will offer expanded coverage of technology policy, including issues such as regulation and legislation, privacy, antitrust, and technology standards. TechNews.com will also offer content from The Washington Post and Post Newsweek Tech Media Group publications, including Government Computer News, Washington Techway, and Washington Technology.

"Our goal with TechNews.com is to offer trusted and insightful technology coverage to our users throughout the country," Schroeder continued. "Since its launch, Washtech.com has evolved into a site that covers the full breadth of the nation's tech industry, with a particular focus on Washington's impact. By adding the national expertise of Newsbytes reporters, we are creating an even more powerful and essential technology resource."

While Newsbytes will no longer exist as a separate website, the company said it will continue syndicating technology news under the Newsbytes name. Washtech will exist as a section of the TechNews.com site, containing technology coverage important to the Washington region. TechNews.com will officially launch on June 3rd.

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