Wallop: The Flash-based, Invite-Only Social Network That Charges Fees

Posted on September 26, 2006

The strategy behind the new Wallop social network seems to be to do the opposite of what every successful social network is doing. The network is invite-only which limits the number of users -- the developers of Wallop are probably hoping this will increase interest in the website. Wallop is also Flash based. Flash heavy websites are a big turnoff for many users.

These could both be potential negatives for Wallop but, as NBC News reports, the most extreme Wallop concept of allis to charge members for add-ons and decorations. These add-ons will range in price from $99 cents to $4.

Wallop has also launched the Modder Network, which Wallop hopes develops into a thriving marketplace for Macromedia Flash developers to sell the Wallop Mods they create. Charging customers for add-ons and widgets probably won't work in today's culture of free Web 2.0 services but at least somebody is brave enough to try a business model that is different than the repetitive Web 2.0 models. One thing Wallop does have going for it is the $10 million they have already raised in venture capital financing. Wallop was initially created in Microsoft Corp.'s research lab and was spun off earlier this year.

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