Uber Launches Quarterly Print Magazine

Posted on March 3, 2015

Uber has launched a quarterly print magazine called Momentum. The magazine was designed for Uber's driver partners. Uber says it has 150,000 driver partners.

Ryan Graves, Head of Operations at Uber, says in a statement, "We want to strengthen the community of our driver partners - currently 150,000 people strong - by making sure you are up to date on new developments within our company and giving you new and improved methods to connect to us and one another. As we gear up for another big year of improvements, we look forward to hearing from you about what more we can do to ensure you have the most positive experience possible on the road with our platform."

The launch issue has articles about Uber drivers, restaurants and social media. It also has tips for drivers for achieving "peak ridership."

Business Insider reports that the magazine is being launched in six markets. These include Boston, New York City, Chicago, Ohio, Oklahoma and San Francisco. The magazine was created by Uber employees. Wired says the magazine is a way for Uber "to make nice with its drivers."

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