Two Mountains Read Your Tweets Aloud at the Mountains of Mouthness

Posted on May 23, 2015

Mountains will read tweets to you at the Mountains of Mouthness site. The two friendly mountains have different voices. A text-to-speech engine is used so the mountains can recite tweets.

You can tweet the mountains directly by send a tweet to their Twitter account, MoMouthness. You can also use the hashtag #mouthness. The mountains, Mont-Ein and Mont-Deux, will also read aloud tweets that have the word "bad" in them.

Listening to the mountains reading tweets can somewhat mesmerizing. They do a particularly good job when they read the tweets with the word "bad" in them as these tweets seem more original than the when someone tweets the mountains directly.

The animated mountains experiment was created by Magnus V. Östergren and produced in Goo Create. Here is a video of the mountains in action:

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