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Here are the latest posts about Science Fiction on Writers Write:

  • Archaeologists Discover Possible Jules Verne Time Capsule (2017-04-13): Archaeologists have discovered a possible time capsule that belonged to science fiction writer Jules Verne.

  • Octavia Butler's Inspiring Plan to be a Bestselling Author (2016-02-04): Science fiction legend Octavia E. Butler is being celebrated at the Huntington Library. Read her journal entry where she programs herself for writing success.

  • Patrick Ness Writing New Doctor Who Spinoff Series Called Class (2015-10-03): Patrick Ness, author of A Monster Calls, will create and write a YA spinoff set in the Doctor Who universe. Ness has won two Carnegie medals for children's literature.

  • SFWA to Allow Self-Published Authors to Join (2015-02-13): The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America has voted to allow self-published authors to join the organization. They have to meet the same writing income requirements.

  • Ehern Kruger Talks Writing Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014-07-05): Screenwriter Ehern Kruger discusses writing Transformers: Age of Extinction and hints that Unicron could be coming to the Transformers franchise.

  • Harper Voyager Accepting Unagented Manuscripts For Two Weeks in October (2012-09-12): Writers, fire up your computers.

  • Robots Turn On Us in Robopocalypse (2011-06-20): Robopocalypse, by Daniel H.

  • Asimov's Begins Accepting Electronic Submissions Through Online Form (2010-05-03): Asimov's is now accepting electronic submissions.

  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to Publish Philip K. Dick's Exegesis (2010-04-30): Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has acquired North American publishing rights to Philip K.

  • James Cameron is Writing an Avatar Prequel (2010-02-17): Director James Cameron is writing an Avatar novel.

  • MWA Teams Up With SFWA to Support Writer Beware (2009-08-11): The Mystery Writers of America (MWA) is going to co-sponsor the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America's (SFWA) Writer Beware program.

  • Arthur C. Clarke Funeral Services Tomorrow (2008-03-21): Sir Arthur C.

  • Science Fiction Writers Help Out Homeland Security Department (2007-05-31): USA Today reports that the U.

  • The Science of Middle Earth (2005-07-01): Lord of the Rings is often discussed as a perfect fantasy series with magic, fantastic settings and interesting creatures like elves, dragons, hobbits, dwarves and orcs.

  • George Orwell's Home Gets a Refurb (2005-06-29): The home where legendary author Eric Arthur Blair (who became known as George Orwell) was born is being turned into a first-class museum.

  • Orson Scott Card Blasts Star Trek (2005-05-04): With the cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise, there will be no Star Trek on TV for the first time in quite a few years.

  • Arthur C. Clarke Loses Diving School (2004-12-28): Arthur C. Clarke lost his Sri Lanka diving school in a tsunami. The school is located in Hikkaduwa.

  • A Conversation With Bill DeSmedt (2004-12-01): Bill DeSmedt likes to say that he's spent his life living by his wits and his words.

  • Post-Singularity Fiction and the Struggling SF Writer (2004-09-14): If technological advances continue at their current pace (and we're not all blown up by terrorists), some theorists believe that artificial intelligence will reach such a point that we will actually have created a "superhuman" intelligence.

  • A Conversation With Steve Alten (2004-08-01): Steve Alten talks about his New York Times bestseller MEG: A Novel of Deep Terror. He also talks about his megalodon novels, Domain, Olmecs, sharks, writing advice and more!