Archie, Betty and Veronica Will Battle the Sharknado This Summer

Posted on April 18, 2015

So what could make the third installment of Syfy's Sharknado movie franchise even better? A tie-in with Archie Comics, of course. This summer Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! will air on Syfy as yet another group of celebrities battle sharks thrown on land by a tornado. But this time, Archie, Veronica, Betty and all the gang will get in on the action.

Sharknado trilogy director Anthony C. Ferrante wrote the 48 page book which will be rleased in comic shops and digitally Wednesday, July 22nd. The artwork was done by Dan Parent. It's nearly summer in Riverdale when the Archie gang should be going to the beach and barbecuing. Students are looking forward to the end of the school year prom.

But this year a Sharknado is heading straight for the town. Sharknados are first spotted on the East Coast, then they head to Riverdale. The gang must battle the sharks -- or at least run for cover. The creators hint that someone will die. But since it's a comic book, no doubt they will be resurrected for a new series so we're not that worried.

Jeff Li, the VP of Syfy Ventures had this to say about the crossover: "Sharknado survivors come in all forms. It's only natural that Archie and the gang will get a chance to save their town from flying sharks."

The film stars Ian Ziering as Fin, Tara Reid as April and Cassie Scerbo as Nova. For the third film there are some additions to the cast. Fin's father will be played by David Hasselhoff and April's mother is played by Bo Derek. Mark Cuban is playing the President of the United States, Ann Coulter is his Vice President and Washington Redskins tackle Tom Compton will play a reporter. Sounds like a popcorn event to us.

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